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1302, 2018

Financing Small Business Needs with Merchant Loans

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One of the leading sources of alternative business finance is merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advance providers generally provide funds to small and medium-sized businesses and retailers using a special form of factoring to be later discussed. Merchant loans which are a byproduct of merchant advance transactions differ markedly from commercial banks in that they […]

802, 2018

What You Didn’t Know About Cash Advance

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The introduction of alternative lending sources has changed the lending industry in no small way. Alternative lenders from the very onset were concerned with filing some of the many loopholes that were found in the traditional lending industry. The industry has also witnessed a rapid growth in recent years, one that could not have been […]

602, 2018

Business Cash Advance Loans for Small Businesses Growth

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A major goal of any business is to grow and expand with time. But for a business to achieve this, it needs a steady supply of cash to carry out its various business objectives. It is a common experience for most business to be unable to generate the funds they need from within the businesses. […]

202, 2018

Merchant Funding and How You Can Efficiently Use it to Remodel Your Restaurant

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It has become imperative for business owners to have a source of business funding to provide extra cash to the organization whenever required. Luckily, if you are a merchant, you can leverage merchant funding which is one of the alternative lending options for businesses. In this type of business finance, owners can easily secure a […]