Small businesses are falling short of funds for business operations and often apply to traditional bank loans, but inevitably fail to acquire the funds time and time again due to a strict eligibility criteria and the lengthy procedure involved. Many business owners are turning to alternative business loan to acquire funds quickly and easily. Availing funds in time will help the business owners either to make profits to exploit the market situations or to expand the business when an opportunity arises. However not all business loans are easy to avail and may involve a collateral or security to back up the loan. Moreover, loans applied for by business owners with bad or poor credit may get rejected due to a lack of repaying financial capability.

If you are a small business owner with bad or poor credit score and are looking for an alternative business loan, the merchant cash advance will prove to be a viable option for you. With these type of cash advances, you will be sure of receiving funds quickly without having to indulge in lengthy procedures and cumbersome paperwork as with traditional bank loans. Merchant cash advances make better alternative funding method for small businesses that need money quickly to meet business expenditure.

Simple Procedure

Merchant cash provides immediate help for small and medium businesses to expand their business by meeting business expenditure promptly. The funds can be used for any purpose including remodeling, renovating, launching a new product, stock raw foods, and to employ new staff for seasonal businesses. With merchant cash advance you don’t need to wait long to get your loan approved, unlike any commercial bank. You can quickly avail the funds from this alternative business loan which can be applied for from the comfort of your home or office online.

Flexibility of Using Business Advance

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a trader, you can apply and receive a cash advance of up to $250,000 depending on your location and merchant cash provider. You can qualify for the loan irrespective of your type of industry and enjoy the flexibility of spending the funds in any way you want. The lenders will not need any plan to your proposal on the spending of funds, and it is up to you to decide where you want to spend the money. This is where merchant cash advances have the edge over commercial bank loans.


Repaying merchant cash advances is simple where the borrower is free from tracking the loan repayment calendar or worry about the amount that needs to be maintained in the business account to repay the loan. Just like application and approval process of merchant cash advance, repayment of the loan is also a hassle free one. This alternative business loan is based on credit card sales of the borrowing business, and the repayment is made as a portion of daily credit card sales. The merchant account provider of the business holds back the amount repayable to the lender and deposits the rest of the revenue into the business account of the borrower making things simple for the borrower.

Qualifying for the Cash Advance

Any regular business with a good or bad credit score that accepts payment for the sales with credit or debit with a specified amount of monthly sales can apply for merchant cash advance. The cash advance can get approved in as less as 72 hours and involves minimal documentation.