A Cash Advance for business can come in many different forms. It can be the loans that are afforded to you by banks, and it can also be the business cash advances by independent lenders such as Merchant Cash Advance companies.

Out of all the different ways through which you can get cash advances for your business, you might be looking for the best one. So, what is the best method of obtaining finances for your business?

Through this article, we will take a look at just that by focusing on the methods, liabilities & benefits of getting cash advances from banks, and from Merchant Cash Advance companies.

We will also look at their individual points, and in the end, we will compile all the information that we have learned and will give you our pick in the conclusion about what the best method of obtaining finance for your business might be. So, are you ready to find out the best way to attain Cash Advance for business, and how it can be a benefit to you?

Cash Advances From Banks

Banks are the most mainstream method of obtaining cash advances for your business in the form of business loans. They have been the bearers of the entire financial institutions for hundreds of years. They fund everyone from individuals with business ideas, the small business owners, to the huge multi-national corporations. Banks also adhere to the rules and regulations of the governments and so also enjoy many benefits and securities as a result. But these governmental policies also come with their own challenges and end up restricting the ability of banks to give complete transparency or even a chance of negotiations with the business owners. Now, let us take a look at both the liabilities of obtaining Cash Advances for businesses and the benefits as well.

Liabilities of obtaining finances from banks:

  •    Banks have a system that is both old and completely outdated. Their bureaucratic way of dealing with businesses does not belong in the twenty-first century. The reason for this is that the businesses today work at lightning speed along with the rest of the world. No other field has such rapid volatile changes that are experienced by businesses. And this is the very reason why getting stuck in the bureaucracies of the banks become cumbersome for many business owners.
  •    Banks also adhere strictly to their rules and will not let you negotiate on your own terms. You will strictly have to swallow all policies that will be shoved in your face while signing the contract; this feels more like exploitation than a business deal on equal terms. And that is exactly the reason why banks fail to woe business owners.
  •    The tediousness with which a bank will process your loan will make any businessman stressed. The fact that, banks do not understand the concept of urgency in business only makes the matter worse. You will also not be allowed to use the money, however, the way you want to, and instead, you will be restricted to how they would allow you to use it.

Despite the many liabilities, there are still a few benefits of banks for Cash Advances for business:

  •    Your money will be very secure due to all the government policies, with good credit history, you can also get some tremendous deals with very small interest rates, something that is not possible with any other method.
  •    Banks are everywhere and are massive corporations that are spread at a multinational level and are also much connected. This allows them to give you quite a chance to grow into a long-term relationship regardless of where you go.

Now let us take a look at our second method of obtaining Cash Advances for businesses through Merchant Cash Advance.

Cash Advances for Business with Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is a way of attaining fast, safe, and transparent cash advances for your businesses through the help of independent lenders. All you have to do is, approach the lender yourself, give out your proposal, once the proposal is accepted, and you are called to have a meeting for the contract signing. After the contract has been signed on mutual terms, you receive your working capital in a lump sum. Merchant Cash Advance is a method that has been rising constantly among the business owners as it is developed by businesses, for the benefit of businesses. Yet, it also has its own liabilities and benefits, and let us take a look at both of them as well.

Liabilities of Merchant Cash Advance:

  •    Since there are thousands of Merchant Cash Advance lenders over the internet, the legitimacy of some MCA lenders is quite questionable. If you fall for the scam of illegitimate MCA lenders, it can be a disaster for you.

Yet, MCA does have many benefits for Cash Advances for businesses:

  •    The biggest advantage of Merchant Cash Advance is that its process is designed to satisfy business owners. It is fast and can get faster upon your demand and urgency. The whole process is very transparent and all the cards of both the lender and the debtor are always on the table. You can negotiate your own terms and not sign the contract till you are completely satisfied.
  •    Merchant Cash Advance also provides you with an excellent way of repayment. The way it works is, that upon signing the contract, a fixed portion of your future credit card sales is agreed upon. So, every time your customers make a purchase, this fixed portion is automatically deducted and is sent to the lender directly. You don’t have to make installments, and if you don’t make sales, you don’t have to pay.


In our humble opinion, Merchant Cash Advance is the best way to attain Cash Advance for business, this is because they are much more business friendly and adaptive to changes in the business industry. While on the other hand, banks are archaic and are unlikely to survive the rapid changes of the Twenty-first century in the near future.