Is merchant advance capital truly worth it? This might be the question in your mind if you are a business owner who wants to use Merchant Cash Advance to fund your business. But before answering this question, understanding what Merchant Cash Advance is would be quite helpful.

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is a method of obtaining quick cash advance loans from independent lenders in a way that is safe, trustworthy and without a shard of hassle. This process is specially designed to take business owners’ demands into consideration.

The process is just like any other business loan with merchant advance capital loans. All you have to do is find an independent lender from the hundreds that are present online. Choose him/her because of the lender’s’ work history, credibility and partner satisfaction rate. Afterwards, the business owner has to send a proposal of his/her business, which the independent lender will go through. Since the acceptance rate of Merchant Cash Advance is quite high, the chances of the independent lender accepting the proposal are immense. The business owner and the independent lender are then called for a meeting. In the meeting, both parties go through the process of the loan and negotiate on their own terms without any restrictions. Afterwards, the contract is signed and the merchant advance capital loan is transferred to the business owner’s account.

Now, let us take a look at a few benefits that come from Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance comes with many advantages, and here are a few of them:

  •    Fast processing time: Since, Merchant Cash Advance does not suffer from a bureaucratic system like banks; the processing time for each loan is much less than that of banks. In fact, the entire process of Merchant Cash Advance can be over in just over twenty-four hours and that too without any hassle.
  •    Easier repayments: Merchant Cash Advance has some of the most innovative methods of repaying a loan. Unlike banks, which ask you to provide monthly installments, Merchant Cash Advance uses your credit card sales to do so. A small pre-agreed upon portion of your credit card sales is sent to the lender directly, and the process repeats itself until the debt is repaid without you doing anything. If the business does not make sales, no penalty is charged either.
  •    Zero restrictions: Restrictions on which ways to spend the merchant advance capital is simply not a part of Merchant Cash Advance policies as opposed to regular bank loans. In fact, you can use the loan money that you attain from Merchant Cash Advance any way you want.

The only disadvantage that comes with Merchant Cash Advance is that they charge you with a little higher interest rate than banks will. But then, it is of course, a business venture that charges you for all of its benefits.

There are many benefits to be found in choosing non-bank lenders such as Merchant Cash advance providers so consider them to further your business today!