Every business sometimes runs into cash difficulties and the owners find themselves looking for the best source of funding. But where do you look for such funding especially if your bank is not even willing to consider lending? A solution exists in form of advance loans from Merchant Cash Advance if your business accepts credit card payments!

Why use Merchant Cash Advance?

This is a question every shrewd business owner asks before committing any form of financing option. In answer to this query, MCAs constitute a financing option specifically created to address financing needs such as advance loans to business that only accept credit cards.

MCAs are an alternative form of financing that addresses the issues that arise when you are sourcing for funds from the traditional forms of financing such as banks. Such issues include complicated approval processes, high decline rates, spending restrictions, and long waiting periods in case you get the approval.

If you choose to use MCAs for advance loans, a lump sum of the funds that you need is directly deposited into the business bank account immediately. Unlike banks that specify that you the money they give only to cater for specific needs, such as pay employees if it is an advance loan, MCAs will not mind how you use the money.

You can use an advance loan from MCAs whenever and in whatever way you desire!

How do you qualify for the advance loan?

The best thing about getting an advance loan from a MCA is the fact that it is very easy to qualify. The first thing you need in order to qualify for an advance loan from a MCA is that your business makes credit card transactions. This is essential because the lenders directly deduct their money from the credit sales that you make. You don’t have to worry about this because they only take a certain percentage as per your agreement with them.

Once you meet this qualification, other requirements will vary depending on the MCA company that you use. Although it is not a necessity that you have a good credit rating to get an advance loan from a MCA, it is better if your borrowing record is good. You also need to have been in business for several months or be making credit sales that meet a certain threshold.

Get your advance loan now

The MCA form of financing of is gaining much popularity across the world today, even though the concept is relatively new.  Your business does not need to suffer as long as you make some credit card transactions. In fact, the MCAs will give you an advance loan based on sales that you have not even made yet.

The crux of the matter is that you are allowed to turn the credit card sales of tomorrow into the cash flow that you need today. There is no other safer, easier, and faster way to get that advance loan today. MCA financing is a very flexible form of funding for your business.