Is business your passion? Do you want to make your business better? Now there are a quite a few things that you can do with to make your business much better. You can take a bank loan and get working capital in the form of installments, and use them to advance your business. You can get crowd-funding and collect funds from thousands of people to make your dream come true. You can even apply to angel investors and hope that someone loves your uniqueness and chooses to endorse you.

But another option for you to consider is the Merchant Cash Advance lending business which is ideal to expand your business.  Have you never heard about such a thing? Do not worry a second longer. Because in this article, we will answer all of your doubts about Merchant Cash Advance and how you can use it to your advantage, all the benefits and liabilities pertaining to it, and finally, how to get Merchant Cash Advance by putting your future credit card sales up for auction.

But first, we need to understand what Merchant Cash Advance is and how it works.

Merchant Cash Advance Lending

Merchant Cash Advance is a method of lending business capital to a business owners who is in dire need of working capital. This is done through third party lending companies or individuals. It is a process that was designed to oppose the tenacious bureaucracies of banks. But has since, become a global phenomenon that has helped counted businesses to attain capital investment for their work.

The process of Merchant Cash Advance is as follows:

  •    The potential debtor sends his/her business proposal to the potential lender. The proposal contains the business owner’s business plans, how much working capital is required, what he/she plans to do with the money, and also details about his/her past and future projected sales.
  •    Based on the proposal, the Merchant Cash Advance lender decides if he or she would like to provide the business owner with the business capital or not. But due to the high acceptance rate of the whole process, an acceptance is much more likely.
  •    Once the lender replies, a meeting with the business owner is fixed. In the meeting, both parties are invited to explain their terms, negotiate like  regular business dealings, and finally, settle on the terms they both agree with. And only then is the contract signed.
  •    Finally, after the contract is signed, the business owner receives the funds in a lump sum straight to his/her bank account. The business owner has the right to use the money, however, his/her business demands it and there are no restrictions put upon him/her.
  •    The repayment of this Merchant Cash Advance loan happens through a small portion of the business owner’s future credit card sales. This means that every time the business owner’s customers make a purchase, a small, pre-determined portion of every sale goes directly to the business owner. So, the business owner never has to worry about repayments.

The Merchant Cash Advance lending business plans are not exactly loans. In loans, you are essentially borrowing money from a lender or a bank in the promise of repaying it later on with the added interest. But in Merchant Cash Advance, on the other hand, you are essentially selling, well, money itself!

Yes, by putting your own projected future credit card sales up for auction, you are selling a small portion of it by attaining a large capital sum today. And so, if you are successful in making the Merchant Cash Advance lender believe in your business, he/she will buy in and help you, however way he/she can.

So, in a way, Merchant Cash Advance gives you more power over the business loan. This is because you are not coming out as a person in need of capital, but instead are an equal partner who is selling a product. The product being the money you intend to earn in the future with the help of the payment you will receive today.

And so, your lender is not someone you are in debt with. But instead, the lender is your partner whose interest lies in you because he/she will only get paid if you make the money. And that is the biggest advantage of getting lending business loans with Merchant Cash Advance having many more advantages such as:

Advantages of Merchant Cash Advance

  •    The speed of the process: The world of business is fast paced today. Needs and challenges change with every new day. So, it is essential that you can attain your working capital as soon as possible, and that’s where Merchant Cash Advance has a complete advantage over bank loans. Since the entire process of MCA can happen in just twenty-four hours!
  •    Transparency: Merchant Cash Ad

vance’s purpose is to be transparent completely. As this is a business deal, and no one is interested in making deals where one is not completely aware of what he/she is getting into. Besides, businessmen are known to be cunning, and if both parties will anyway attain more profit while working together; there is no need for not putting all their cards on the table.

  •    No credit or mortgage requirement:  While it will not hurt to have a good credit, as it would lower your interest rate. It certainly is not required to have a good credit like it is in the case with the banks. You can have bad credit and still take advantage of MCA lending business propositions. And there is no mortgage required either.

Right now, you might be wondering that it cannot all be just butterflies and rainbows and might be thinking about where the catch is. And of course, just like everything else in this world, Merchant Cash Advance has its disadvantages, and here they are:

Disadvantages of Merchant Cash Advance

  •    High interest: Merchant Cash Advance does charge higher interest than banks. But this is a necessary evil for operating in a free, unregulated market. You cannot expect to attain money fast and not be expected to pay more. After all, this is a business.
  •    Security risk: There are many fake Merchant Cash Advance executives floating around the expanse of the internet. And if you are one of the unlucky sods who fall victim to them, then you will have our sympathies. But all of this can be avoided with a good amount of research and fact checking.

Do not believe for a second that Merchant Cash Advance is something that is just free money. It is not, it is, in fact, a double edged sword, exactly like a business. You have to be careful while putting your future sales on an auction. But with enough caution, it can be the wisest decision taken to take your business to that next level!