Do you want to get business funding with relative ease and suitable interest rates? Then Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) is the route you should take. MCA is one of the most advanced products offering you alternative business funding. Simply put, MCAs involve using your card terminal to get funding. The approach is best for types of business that do not have many assets. However, you need to make sure that the volume of your card transactions every month is good. Repayments are also made in proportion to the amount of revenue the business generates, hence making this form of business funding easy and quick, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Are MCAs Business Loans?

Merchant cash advances should not be mistaken with small business loans. When you apply for MCAs to get business funding, what you effectively do is sell your future income so that you can receive immediate working capital for your enterprise. The merchants automatically deduct a particular percentage or share of the credit card sales you make until they have fully recovered the advance given. When you get funding from small business loans, repayments can be made using money from other accounts, unlike the automatic withdrawals made from your sales when you opt for MCAs.

 Why Use Merchant Cash Advances?

The main reason why you should get funding from merchant cash advances is there due to the benefits associated with this form of financing. The payments you make are included in a schedule which requires that you only make repayments on you advance once the business makes some sales. Assuming you make strong sales but experience bad or little credit, MCAs are the best option to getting business funding.

Whether traditional forms of financing have turned you down or not does not matter with merchant cash advances. All you need to have is a particular threshold of credit card sales to qualify. Other reasons why you should choose MCAs to get business funding include:

  •    You will be given the cash advance in a relatively short period of time; usually 2-3 days unlike the banks
  •    You can use all the advance for almost any business need that you might have
  •     Payback is automatically deducted in small amounts from the credit card sales that you process every day.

When you get funding from merchant cash advances, your other forms of finance are freed up in the process. The approach effectively opens for you a new line or source of credit. You can always get other forms of business funding while at the same time accessing MCAs, allowing you to use such capital for other business purposes.

The flexibility of repaying the advance given when you get business funding from MCAs means that you are not under much pressure to pay back. All you need to do is make some credit card sales and then how, when and the rate of paying back is determined by you and the merchant. If the sales from your business are high, then you can pay off the advance faster. If the sales are low, your payments are lower in return.

Choose merchant cash advances to get business funding today, and keep your enterprise running.