If you have obtained a business loan of late, you might believe that getting a loan that doesn’t require any form of collateral is absurd. Note that the majority of lenders exclusively provided a secured business loan for new business, but this doesn’t imply that you can’t get unsecured loan alternatives in the market. For many business owners, the question has been if they can try to get an unsecured loan or stick with the secured option. Here is an analysis that will assist you to come up with an informed decision.


Note that there is a greater risk for the lenders providing unsecured funding, but there is less risk for the business owner. Instead of being worried about losing your valuable property, you will have to worry about repaying the loan. Unsecured loans include alternative business loans from merchant cash advance lenders.

For you to get a secured business loan, you need to present collateral in the form of personal or business property. The procedure poses a greater risk for the borrower and less risk to the lender. Once a borrower fails to make the repayments as agreed, the properties are seized by the lender. What’s more, collateral will require a certified appraisal, something that will cost you more time and money. Secured loans are not a perfect alternative if you have poor credit history.

Approval period

Obtaining a secured loan takes a longer duration since you will have to wait for the lender to evaluate the collateral you present and determine the amount they are worth. Well, for unsecured business funding, all you are required to do is prove that you are capable of making the payments as per the agreement. With this, you will get the business funding faster, since the merchant cash advance lender will approve the loan immediately. Once you realize time is of the essence, it is good to apply for a secured business loan from reliable merchant cash advance lenders.

Payments and fees

Note that unsecured business loans present a more flexible payment options for the borrower. Secured lenders tend to quickly seize your property once you fail to make your loan payments, while merchant lenders will be somehow lenient. The majority of secured business loan offers fixed interest rates while unsecured offers variable interest rates.

The good thing about obtaining unsecured loans from a merchant cash advance lender is that they offer lower fees than when you get a secured loan from traditional banks. This is because you will not be required to pay any pre-financing charges or qualification fees. What you need to do is submit your application and wait for the verdict from the merchant lenders. Even though the fees will vary by the merchant lender, you will be saving money in advance by obtaining a secured loan.


Once you apply for a secured loan, you will be restricted to the amount of funding you will get. Although the lending institutions are ready to lend under this circumstances, they will be lending a certain portion of the collateral is worth. This helps them to recoup their finances once you fail to pay the loan.For many business owners, the question has been if they can try to get an unsecured loan or stick with the secured option.