If you are a business owner who is looking for a way to attain small business funding, and think that banks are your only option, then you might be a bit misguided. While it is completely true that banks are in fact the king of the financial world today and have been for centuries. It is also true that they have been the best way to finance your business. But that seems to be not the case these days.

Today many better financial options have sprung up in the world of finance that out-perform banks completely, while banks have been degraded in the past few decades. Let us take a look at what the main reason for banks’ downfall are:

  •    The small business funding that banks provide has become a very slow and tedious process because of their century old bureaucratic system which creates a lot of ruckus for a business man in an urgency.
  •    The various restrictions that banks put upon you also make it incredibly difficult to attain loans as you will not be able to spend the money however you want and you will not even receive it in a single lump-sum.
  •    Their insistence on rejecting business owners with a bad credit history in a financial market where everything is completely unpredictable plagued by a weakling economy frustrates a lot of business owners.
  •    And finally, their method of repayment is tedious as it asks you to pay the loan back in monthly installments and if you forget to pay then you will have to give a fine. And if you go into a spiral of a bad financial situation then you can lose your home or business due to collateral.

So if a bank is not the best way to attain a small business funding then what else is there that can help businesses in a better way? Well, there are methods such as crowd funding, angel finance, and even credit union. But in our opinion, the best way to attain business funding is with the help of Merchant Cash Advance.

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is a method that gives stark resistance to the monopoly of the banks. It is a system that allows business owners to attain fast, safe and transparent access to business funding with the help of independent lenders in a simplified process designed just for them. In fact, the whole concept of Merchant  Cash Advance is designed for the businesses by the businesses themselves.

Here are a few advantages of Merchant Cash Advance:

  •    The whole small business funding process of Merchant Cash Advance is fast paced, and if done right can be completed in just twenty-four hours and so it helps the business owners in an urgency.
  •    Merchant Cash Advance does not put any restrictions on you so you can even negotiate on your terms with the lender.

So, we hope you understand the Merchant Cash Advance is the best method to attain business loans today. And their brilliant pre-agreed upon a portion of your future credit card sales method of repayment helps you relax and not worry about repayment or collateral ever.