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Even During a cash crunch!


While all business owners hope their businesses will never have financial problems, in reality, most businesses experience financial pressure at some point in their existence, and farmers with seasonal crops are more than prone to cash crunches, especially with a bad season. The sooner you can diagnose the problem, the better. Early diagnosis gives you more time to make decisions and more options concerning your farm business.

 Early Warning Signs – Cash Flow

Most farm businesses become aware of potential financial problems when cash flow becomes tight. Obligations become increasingly difficult to meet in the short and medium term. This may indicate a temporary short-term problem (such as a poor growing season) that will correct itself in time, or it may indicate a more serious long-term problem.

Your first step is to determine if the problem is short or long term. The distinction between the two is important. Long-term problems require significant business adjustments to correct and, if left uncorrected, have the potential to result in business failure.

 Three-Step Analysis Of Cash Flow

There is a simple three-step approach to diagnosing a cash flow problem.

  1. Determine if the current cash flow shortage is short or long term.
  2. Calculate business equity.
  3. Identify the primary cause of the cash flow problem.

Once these steps are completed, you can determine what options are available.

Merchant Cash Advance – The Easy Solution

Merchant cash advances provide solution to acquiring fast cash you need as additional working capital. offers accessibility compared to bank loans since there are no collateral fees needed. Cash advancement will also give small business the perk needed in a very competitive market. Merchant cash advances are slowly becoming a choice of financing alternative for businesses without access to bank loans, or for those who prefer to not pay exit fees. After all, having the resources to hire another staff member or purchasing better equipment may give an extra momentum needed for potential business expansion.

Quick and Easy Merchant Cash Advancement Works

Providers of cash advances, known as lenders, offer small businesses a lump sum of payment better known as immediate cash in exchange for future shares of sales. Since it is not considered as a loan, there are no interest rates with merchant cash advance

Unlike bank loans, the application process for cash advance is quicker and is offered online. Approval rates are higher and turnaround time for applications is just a few business days away.

Since retail merchants are seen as risky by the bank industry, getting an approval for merchant cash advance from alternative lenders is a more viable option.

 Merchant Cash Advance Offers Faster Cash Flow

Another benefit provided by merchant cash advance is the immediate working capital. When utilized properly, this allows a business to boost sales as well as profit. Usually, a business benefits when acquiring immediate cash in order to purchase for their inventory at a more affordable price. Suppliers sometimes give a small discount of 2% when they are paid within the 10-day period, according to the Merchant Cash Advance Online Guide. Thus, getting a merchant cash advance with is perfect for solving short-term cash problems.

Bank loans are very strict with their repayment schedule. What sets merchant cash advance apart from cash loans is that instead of a mandatory regular fixed payment, there is a direct collection of a fixed percentage of the merchant’s daily credit sale. Collection is done until there is a recovery of their advancement and premium, usually achieved in just less than a year. This is good news for small businesses, since there is guaranteed less payment requirement during slower months in sales.

Apply for Cash Advancement Today!

With, we offer very low borrowing rates for our clients, thus guaranteeing flexibility in payment terms. A merchant cash advance company might just be what your small business needs for success. Small business survival is a necessity for the recuperation of the US economy. So call us today and speak with one of our caring specialist and see if we can be of service! Call 1-212-444-0333