Start Up Financing

With Good Credit We Can Fund Your Start Up

All you need for our start-up program is a 700+ credit score (or a cosigner with a 700+), an existing business entity (even if you are not yet generating revenue), the completed pre-qualification application, and a print-out of your (or your co-signer’s) complete credit history, which you can get from We will give you a line of credit of up $150,000.

If you don’t yet meet the requirements of the start-up program but want to get a jump-start on your business, we also have partners who specialize in business-plan writing. Having a business plan increases your chances of finding interested investors by showing that you’ve already taken time to invest in your own business, and that you’re serious about getting it off the ground. No matter your budget, our writers can work with you.


No matter your budget, our writers can work with you.

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How It Works

One Source Financing is an online lender providing unsecured loans to small business. We leverage the power of data to obtain a more holistic view of a business’s position, so we can approve more loans than many other lenders.

apply online

Apply Online

Complete the online application in around 10 minutes.

review the loan

Review The Loan

Complete the online application in around 10 minutes.

receive the funds

Receive The Funds

Complete the online application in around 10 minutes.

“One Source has always been there for me. I’ve used them several times for working capital to remodel my restaurant, purchase equipment and expand my marketing. They were able to get me funded in 72 hours.”
Michael Thompson – Owner & Head Chef
“I am the owner of a little eatery called Moonlight Diner in Panama City Beach Fla. since 2006. I had my first experience with One Source Financing in 2010 and I have been doing business with them ever since. I have used their capital to improve my diner from decor to equipment upgrades. The entire procedure is hassle free and fast. Everyone at One Source treats their customers like I treat mine. They make me feel special and only want to take care of my needs. I would recommend them to everyone. It’s been refreshing and a pleasure doing business with such an honest and caring company.”
Jonathan Russo, Moonlight Diner
“Seamless and Smooth. The One Source team were great to work with and didn’t require months and months of documents for a small business loan. Sean, my account manager kept me up to date on everything and the entire process was flawless and I received funding in just a few days. I would definitely recommend One Source to any of my associates or other businesses needing a business loan. They can and will meet all of your needs and expectations!”
Mark Davis, Prime Steakhouse, Denver CO