As with any business, emergencies occur. It’s especially frustrating when the business is new and emergencies come up. This is called Murphy’s Law in some places and will strike without notice. Here, we will go over why a MCA Instant cash advance is the way to go for these situations and some insight as to how those things come about in a new business.

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What is a MCA Instant Cash Advance

First, a MCA is a Merchant Cash Advance which is not a loan at all; it’s a purchase of your business’s future credit/debit card sales. It’s simple, as long as the simplest requirements are met, you can pay it back with a percentage of every sale and at slow times, you pay less. You can see already that it’s all set up for a stressless, seamless transaction. All you need is this initially:

  •    A $10,000 or more heavy flow of credit card sales per month.
  •    Statements for all that cash flow
  •    Fill out the fast and convenient one-page application.

After that, the broker should respond typically within 24 hours and have an offer ready for your review offering urgent cash advance when needed.

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What types of emergencies can a MCA Instant Cash Advance cover?

Here we will get into the types of emergencies that come up and briefly about why. For example, you own a deli or restaurant and you’re new. You weren’t able to get a loan so you had to buy below market equipment to start with. It’s used, and bottom line it breaks. If you break a fridge or freezer or even a delivery vehicle, then what? Time is money and it costs a lot in the time and the stock you lose. Time to get a MCA Instant Cash Advance to cover the equipment and head off the losses.  Another great thing is this; if the credit score needs to be checked which is only really if some of the other requirements are not met, and the score is low; the new equipment you buy can possibly be used as collateral for some instant cash advance lenders, although these particular loans do not usually require collateral.

Instant fast cash loans are proof that where there is a will, there is a way. So, the insights on why these things happen. This is simple; when you’re new to a business or when you are in expansion or renovation mode it’s easy to get in trouble when the simplest of things go wrong. It’s a downward spiral often because the business owner has a situation where they’re forced to bite off more than they can chew. It’s not that they’re a bad person or don’t know what they’re doing it may be for other reasons. The most common reason is that they wanted to start a business and not have to wait until they had all the money they needed. This is why the MCA Instant Cash Advance is such a valuable tool.